Who We Are

WFR represents Western Engineering on the world stage in various international Formula SAE competitions throughout the year. There are three distinct phases in our season that ultimately deliver the best learning experience to every team member. In just twelve months we design, build and compete with a new FSAE race car, now entering the second year as an electric vehicle.
Our motto, known as the 3 E’s, has been a guiding light for our team since 2012 and is unique amongst Western Engineering teams. They act as fundamental principles for every major decision we must make as a team and are a major factor in our continued success year after year. The 3 E’s are upheld not only by our current members, but also by our extensive alumni group that continue to mentor the team.
Excellence - “To develop highly skilled and effective professionals.”
Endurance - “To ensure the long-term success of the team.”
Enthusiasm - “To have fun.”

By adhering to our motto, we can ensure that WFR will have both short-term success as a team this season, as well as long term stability extending many years
into the future.