The Aerodynamics team is responsible for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and validation of the aerodynamic elements on the race car. A design of experiments is conducted using computational fluid dynamics and our Matlab vehicle simulation to develop the configuration that will result in the highest vehicle performance on track across all competition events.  

 To construct the aerodynamic parts, the team uses a resin infusion composites manufacturing process that produces high quality and lightweight parts. The package is then validated using a variety of on track tests conducted throughout the race season.
The exciting combination of CAD design work, simulation, state of the art manufacturing, and on track testing develops our subsystem members into well rounded engineers. 
The WFR20-E features front, side and rear wing elements as well as a diffuser that produce 500 N of downforce @60 km/h, despite being one of the narrowest cars on track. Weighing only 9.7 kg, this is our highest performing, and lightest aerodynamic package in WFR history.