The Chassis team is responsible for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and validation of our vehicle’s CFRP/Foam composite monocoque. WFR20-E features the lightest chassis in team history, weighing only 25kg, manufactured using a single cure cycle resin infusion process and a layup schedule optimized through our custom MATLAB simulations and extensive material testing. An emphasis has been placed on driver safety, ergonomics, and aesthetics in parallel with characteristics allowing for optimal vehicle dynamics.

The WFR20-E chassis includes an integrated, self-aligning accumulator mounting flange on the underside of the chassis that provides an ergonomic mounting procedure in addition to maximizing serviceability to the rear frame. An interlaminar aluminum front roll hoop removes the need for additional mounting components and favours a lighter material composition compared to steel. The faceted primary structure streamlines manufacturing and iterative design, creating a unique aesthetic that extends to the rest of the vehicle.

Our experience in modeling, analysis, and manufacturing provides chassis subsystem members with excellent experience in the growing field of composite materials engineering.

Features of the WFR20-E chassis:

  • Integrated Accumulator Mounting Flange
    • Allows for an ergonomic battery installation/removal procedure
    • Self-aligning feature for ease of installation
    • Maximizes access to the enclosed rear frame 
  • Interlaminar Aluminum Front Roll Hoop
    • No additional mounting components required
    • Lighter material composition compared to steel
    • Aesthetic laminate integration 
  • Facected Primary Structure
    • Streamlined, in-house core manufacturing
    • Hardpoint iteration possible without major redesign
    • Unique planar aesthetic extending to the rest of the vehicle