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Frequently asked questions

How many hours per week must I commit to?

With formula, you get out what you put in. We set no formal hourly commitment, asking that you complete your responsibilities on time, and up to our high quality standards. Member commitment ranges between 4 hours to 80 hours per week, depending on the role. The more time you commit, the more ambitious the projects become, and the more your marketable skills will be enhanced. 

Is Formula only for Engineering students?

Although our team is roughly 80% engineering students, there are roles for all different faculties on WFR. We currently have students in non-engineering programs such as psychology, physics, computer science, law, and economics. Nothing prevents these students from taking on technical roles, however they often take on business, media, sponsorship and financial management roles.

What information should I include in my application?

1) What motivates you to join WFR?

2) What interests you specifically about the two areas of specialization you have selected above?

3) What is your year and program of study?

4) What skills or experience do you have that are relevant to Formula SAE, or that you feel will be valued at Western Formula Racing? ex. FRC experience.

Please feel free to share anything else about yourself that you may find relevant to your application!

So who drives?

Quite possibly the most frequently asked question; our driver team consists of four drivers in total. Two lead drivers for the autocross and endurance events, and two reserve drivers for the acceleration and skid pad events. Drivers are required to be dedicated members of a vehicle subsystem, complete our driver development program, an be available for the 3 month race season.