The high-level goal of the drivetrain subsystem is to couple the power from the motor to the driven wheels of the vehicle. Using a lap simulator and driver-in-the-loop simulator built by WFR, the team developed a custom double reduction gearbox with a final drive ratio of 3.85. The efficiency of the spur gears allows the WFR20-E to utilize the power delivered by the Emrax 228 motor to a higher degree in comparison to more popular chain-drive solutions. The gearbox also leaves a smaller footprint in the rear of the vehicle in comparison to chain-drives; this allows for sleek packaging of other subsystems such as cooling and electrical. The WFR20-E also employs an adjustable Drexler limited slip differential which allows for fast cornering and balanced handling characteristics.

The mounting system for drivetrain was designed so that the system can be completely assembled outside of the vehicle and installed as a single unit; gearbox, differential and motor. In addition, the mounting system was manufactured completely in house at the Western Engineering student shop by members of the team. The ability to assemble the drivetrain separate from the vehicle allows for fast and efficient assembly.

Joining the Western Formula Racing drivetrain team will allow you to explore many facets of engineering such as detailed CAD design in SolidWorks, Matlab simulation, CNC machining, and vehicle dynamics studies.