WFR's goal for its members is simple; to develop highly skilled and effective professionals. The achieve this, we seek out the most exceptional students at Western to join our team, from all university faculties. 

Formula SAE is not only the most advanced student team on campus, but competes in the most competitive university competitions worldwide against over 600 teams. Every year for over 30 years we have designed, built, and raced a new formula student racecar, giving our member the most in depth learning experience that can be offered at the University level. 

From advanced composites, vehicle dynamics, and mechanical theory, to battery design, simulation, board design, and programming, the learning opportunities in the Formula SAE environment are limitless. Couple this with the thrill of taking your racecar to tracks across the globe to try and put down the fastest laps against the worlds best; there is no better experience. 

No experience with cars, CAD, or wrenches is required. A passion for learning, teamwork, and professionalism will make you a successful member of WFR. Our team's ability to foster the growth of our members will put you in a position to succeed in industry, and can lead to co-op's and full time positions at world class companies across the globe. 

Formula is simple, you get out what you put in, and for most, joining will be the most ambitious and rewarding decision of your time at university.